Thursday, September 10, 2009

Birthday Number 32!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy! Jeremy turned 32 this year. To start off his day we made him a yummy hot breakfast, zucchinni tomato pie (quicheish), and french toast. Then after dinner we had the cake. We aren't big cake fans but we do like our ice cream. So we decided an ice cream cake was the way to go. This was a seven layer ice cream cake plus topping. First we had to make the cake layers. Then we had to make the ice cream the same size as the cake layers. We used Daddy's favorite ice cream Breyer's Neapolitan. Each ice cream layer was a different flavor. Then to frost it we used cool whip and then took the chocolate that gets hard when it gets cold and drizzeled it all over the top. Yummo. We didn't have to throw any of this cake away.

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