Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monday, February 8, 2010

I guess I'm not very good at this blog thing. Wow. A lot has happened since September. So October 1, 2009, Jeremy got a call from Matson and Isom with a job offer. He accepted the offer. This meant we would be moving. Matson and Isom is in Chico, CA. Looking at our situation, we decided that we needed to do whatever we could to get out of debt. The best option was to ask Grandma and Grandpa Mendon if we could live with them for a while since Orland isn't very far from Chico. We moved in the beginning of November. Jeremy was to start his new job December 1, 2009, so we decided to take a quick trip to Arizona for Thanksgiving. It was a nice trip. We don't get to see the Olson family enough. We enjoyed seeing everyone and had a great Thanksgiving.
Next came a birthday, Christmas, another birthday and then the New Year. It is amazing how fast life can change and changes everyday.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reanna's First Day of Preschool

Reanna started preschool this week. She was so excited for her first day. She picked out her clothes the night before and was dressed as soon as she woke up. She had so much fun. They played baby ball outside, which she said they hit a ball off a thing and had to run, like tee ball. They also played with a parachute and bounced balls on it. She enjoyed the different snacks they had each day along with all the fun crafts they did. She is getting so big.
I can't forget Laura. We love her so much. She is enjoying a treat daddy brough home.

Birthday Number 32!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy! Jeremy turned 32 this year. To start off his day we made him a yummy hot breakfast, zucchinni tomato pie (quicheish), and french toast. Then after dinner we had the cake. We aren't big cake fans but we do like our ice cream. So we decided an ice cream cake was the way to go. This was a seven layer ice cream cake plus topping. First we had to make the cake layers. Then we had to make the ice cream the same size as the cake layers. We used Daddy's favorite ice cream Breyer's Neapolitan. Each ice cream layer was a different flavor. Then to frost it we used cool whip and then took the chocolate that gets hard when it gets cold and drizzeled it all over the top. Yummo. We didn't have to throw any of this cake away.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Tonight while I had the oven on to make part of dinner, I made some cookies too. Laure was really excited to see the first batch I took out. While I was making them she kept bring in things into the kitchen to stand on so she could see and help. We have a really small kitchen so I kept moving everything back out. She finally brought in the small step stool from the bathroom to look at the finished product. It was just tall enough for her to get her head just about the cookie sheet on the counter. She she stepped down to get out of my way AGAIN, she hit her chin on the edge of the cookie sheet. This is her first blister from a burn.

Qucheenese? Huh?

"Mommy, is that Daddy's name in Qucheenese?" Reanna asked. I was dying. She meant to say Cantonese. It was so cute. I have to start remembering the unforgettable. Jeremy served his mission in Sydney, Australia speaking Cantonese. He paid some guy in the subway to paint this picture of his name in Chinese. We have this picture hanging in our hallway. The kids often make comments about it. This one wins.

Camping Vacation

We went camping with the Mendon Family Aug 10-13. The campground was called Ocean Cove. It was about a half hour north of Bodega Bay off HWY 1. It was really pretty. You could see the water from our campsite. The Sunsets were amazing. We had a lot of fun despite the Cold, Windy, Weather. We missed having Daddy there. He was at home working hard due to the Biggest Tax deadline of the year, September 15.

We had lots of yummy food thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Mendon. The Dutch Oven Chicken was the best. As you can see Jake enjoyed the food too. He has developed a love for food, especially if he can do it himself.
Where we were camping there really wasn't a beach. There were cliffs instead. You could climb down and get close to the water though. We saw lots of starfish, crabs and sea anemones. Grandma climbed down to see the starfish and then brought one up in a bucket of water so everyone else could see and hold it too. She did put it back when we were done taking pictures and admiring it.

Thanks for carrying Jake, Dad and Drew. He gets heavy and I don't have the best back strength.